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Book: Dancehalls, Glitterballs and DJs

Chapter: Disco Britannia!

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.44961


Disco music, a discrete genre of music drawing inspiration from soul, funk, R&B, pop and more, arrived in the early to mid-1970s. The debate about the first disco record – as a discernible genre of music, not merely as a record popular in discos – still rages, with one of the only points of agreement being that it came from the United States. Identifying the first disco record to come from the British scene is equally contentious. This chapter will add its own perspective to the debate, as well as exploring the way in which producers, songwriters and performers based in the UK brought home-grown disco music to the clubs and turned British disco music into a globally-successful business. They include Biddu, Tina Charles, The Real Thing, Heatwave and others: some who carved long-term careers out of the disco scene, others who shot to fame with one dancefloor hit before disappearing once more.

Chapter Contributors

  • Bruce Lindsay ( - blindsay) 'Music Journalist and Social Historian'