Vol 17 No. 1 (2004) Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology


Journal: Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology

Published: Jan 27, 2007

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Section Title Author Published
The Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Albania: Survey and Excavation at the Site of Kryegjata B (Fier District) Curtis Runnels, Muzafer Korkuti, Michael L. Galaty, Michael E. Timpson, John C. Whittaker, Sharon R. Stocker, Jack L. Davis, Lorenc Bejko, Skender Mucaj Jan 27, 2007
Analyzing Domestic Contexts at Sagalassos: Developing a Methodology Using Ceramics and Macro-Botanical Remains Toon Putzeys, Thijs Thuyne, Jeroen Poblome, Inge Uytterhoeven, Marc Waelkens, Roland Degeest Jan 27, 2007
Investigating Social Complexity through Regional Survey: 'Second-Generational' Analysis of Bronze Age Data from the Canadian Palaipaphos Survey Project, Southwestern Cyprus Lita Diacopoulos Jan 27, 2007
The Functional Riddle of 'Glossy' Canaanean Blades and the Near Eastern Threshing Sledge Patricia C. Anderson, Jacques Chabot, Annelou van Gijn Jan 27, 2007