Vol 23 No. 2 (2006)

Journal: Buddhist Studies Review

Published: Feb 3, 2007

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Section Title Author Published
The Ekottarika-āgama Parallel to the Saccavibhanga-sutta and the Four (Noble) Truths Ven. Anālayo Feb 2, 2007
List-based Formulae in the Avadānaśataka Alice Collett Feb 2, 2007
The Story of the Horse-King and the Merchant Siṃhala, in Buddhist Texts Naomi Appleton Feb 2, 2007
Soteriology, Asceticism and the Female Body in Two Indian Buddhist Narratives Douglas Osto Feb 2, 2007
Women in Brown: a short history of the order of sīladharā, nuns of the English Forest Sangha, Part Two Jane Angell Feb 2, 2007
Anagārika Munindra and the Historical Context of the Vipassanā Movement C. Robert Pryor Feb 2, 2007
The Death and Rebirth of Buddhism in Contemporary Japan George Tanabe Feb 2, 2007
Review Essays
Kambala's Ālokamāla and the Perils of Philology Burkhard Scherer Feb 3, 2007
Review of Index to the Majjhima-nikāya, by M. Yamazaki & Y. Ousaka (eds) Roy Norman Feb 3, 2007
Review of The Notion of Diṭṭhi in Theravāda Buddhism: The Point of View by Paul Fuller David Burton Feb 3, 2007
Review of Mipham’s Dialectics and the Debates on Emptiness: To Be, Not to Be or Neither by Robert Mayer Feb 3, 2007
Review of Letters of the Nun Eshinni: Images of Pure Land Buddhism in Medieval Japan by James C. Dobbins Galen Amstutz Feb 3, 2007
Erratum (Concerning the printing of Richard Gombrich's 'Fifty Years of Buddhist Studies in Britain' BSR 23.1) Rupert Gethin Feb 6, 2007