Vol 11 No. 2 (2012)

Journal: PentecoStudies: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Research on the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements

Published: Dec 30, 2012

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Allan Anderson May 14, 2012
Where the Wind Blows: Pentecostal Christians in Hong Kong and Singapore William K. Kay Jan 22, 2012
Johan Thiessen and Margaretha Alt and the Birth of Pentecostalism in Indonesia Cornelius van der Laan Apr 21, 2012
Theorizing Pentecostal Historiography: Persecution and Historical Memory in Ethiopia Jörg Haustein Apr 21, 2012
Spirit and Church in the Ecclesiology of Lewi Pethrus Torbjörn Aronson Mar 19, 2012
The Charismatic Imagination: Clergy Reading Mark 9: 14-29 Andrew Village Feb 16, 2012
Davies, W. W., The Embattled but Empowered Community: Comparing Understandings of Spiritual Power in Argentine Popular and Pentecostal Cosmologies. Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies, vol. 5 Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2010 340pp. Hbk. ISBN: 9789004178304 Hans Geir Aasmundsen May 3, 2012
Miller, Donald E. and Yamamori, Tetsunao, Global Pentecostalism: The New Face of Christian Social Engagement. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2007. 263pp. Pbk. ISBN: 9780520251946. £18.95/US$26.95. Stephen Hunt May 4, 2012
Klaver, Miranda, This Is My Desire: A Semiotic Perspective on Conversion in an Evangelical Seeker Church and a Pentecostal Church in the Netherlands. Amsterdam: Pallas Publications (Amsterdam University Press), 2011. 460pp. Pbk. ISBN 978908555041. €49.50. Thorsten Storck May 4, 2012
Wanner, Catherine, Communities of the Converted: Ukrainians and Global Evangelism. Culture and Society after Socialism Series. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2007. viii+305pp. Pbk. ISBN 9780801474026. US$24.95 Liliya Berezhnaya May 4, 2012
Thomas, V.V., Dalit Pentecostalism: Spirituality of the Empowered Poor. Bangalore: Asian Trading Company, 2008. xxv+432pp. Pbk. ISBN: 9788170864577. Rs400/US$40. Nathaniel Roberts May 4, 2012