Vol 9 No. 2 (2012)

Journal: Communication & Medicine

Published: May 20, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
A method to assess the organizing behaviors used in physicians’ counseling of standardized parents after newborn genetic screening Stephanie A. Christopher, Nadia Y. Ahmad, Lisa Bradford, Jenelle L. Collins, Kerry Eskra, Alison La Pean Kirschner, Faith O. O'Tool, Sara J. Roedl, Michael H. Farrell Feb 11, 2013
Configuring the caller in ambiguous encounters: Volunteer handling of calls to Samaritans emotional support services Kristian Pollock, John Moore, Catherine Coveney, Sarah Armstrong Feb 11, 2013
Supportive relationships – Psychological effects of group counselling in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Kirsten K. Roessler, Dorte Glintborg, Pernille Ravn, Camilla Birkebaek, Marianne Andersen Feb 11, 2013
Formulation in clinical interviews Mika Simonen Feb 11, 2013
Salutations, closings and pronouns: Some aspects of recipient design in online counselling Wyke Stommel May 17, 2013
Narrative co-construction in the medical consultation: How agency and control affect the diagnosis Caroline H. Vickers, Ryan Goble, Christopher Lindfelt Feb 11, 2013
Gaze behavior of pre-adolescent children afflicted with Asperger Syndrome Mari Wiklund May 17, 2013