Vol 6 No. 2 (2003) Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy Vol 6 (2) 2003

Journal: Health and Social Care Chaplaincy

Published: May 15, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Ian Stirling May 15, 2013
A question of identity: What does it mean for chaplains to become healthcare professionals? John Swinton May 15, 2013
Standards and Competencies for Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy in Palliative Care David Mitchell May 15, 2013
Chaplains Perceptions of Supervision Andrew Moore, Chris Levison May 15, 2013
Conference Report: ‘Chaplaincy for Tomorrow’ Georgina Nelson May 15, 2013
Holy Plot or Common Ground? A Humanist Reflects Ivan Middleton May 15, 2013
Healthcare Chaplaincy in Bulgaria: Traditions and Problems Jordan Vuchkov May 15, 2013
Ministry Behind a Mask: A Chaplain Reflects upon SARS Bruce Pierce May 15, 2013
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE): A Reflection Valerie Duff May 15, 2013
Palliative Care
Dealling with Failure in Palliative Care Fiona Downs May 15, 2013
Book Reviews
The Sacred Art of Listening Forty reflections for cultivating a spiritual practice. Lindahl K. ISBN 1-901557-65-0 Wild Goose Publications Dora Bennet May 15, 2013
Primary Palliative Care – dying, death and bereavement in the community. Rodger Charlton. (ed) ISBN 1- 85775573 -1 Radcliffe Medical Press Elaine McManus May 15, 2013
Speaking of Healing. Gower C. ISBN 0-281-05539-4 SPCK Stuart Coates May 15, 2013
Problem Drinking: A Person-Centred Dialogue. Richard Bryant-Jefferies. ISBN 1-85775-929-X Radcliffe Medical Press Val Smith May 15, 2013
Caring for the Dying at Home: Companions on the Journey. Thomas Keri. ISBN 1-85775-946-X Radcliffe Medical Press Bridget Johnston May 15, 2013
Using Research in Primary Care: a workbook for health professionals. Alan Gillies. ISBN I-85775-936-2 Radcliffe Medical Press Bridget Johnston May 15, 2013
Consent in Clinical Practice. Margaret Mayberry with. John Mayberry. ISBN 1-85775-804-8 Radcliffe Medical Press, 2003 Alison Cowie May 15, 2013
Growing Up With God. Cooks N .ISBN 1-901557-74-X Wild Goose Publications David Mitchell May 15, 2013
Orere Source
Orere Source W. Noel Brown May 15, 2013