Vol 5 No. 1 (2002) Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy Vol 5 (1) 2002

Journal: Health and Social Care Chaplaincy

Published: May 28, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Ian Stirling May 23, 2013
Guest Editorial - National Conference Review, Spirituality in Health and Community Care Chris Levison May 23, 2013
Spirituality of Adults in Britain - Recent Research David Hay May 23, 2013
Spirituality - A Scottish Healthcare Issue Desmond Ryan May 23, 2013
Putting Spiritual at the Centre of the NHS Allison Elliot May 23, 2013
Revised Guidelines on Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care in the NHS - Synopsis of the Report of the Working Party Stewart McGregor May 23, 2013
Speech Delivered by Malcolm Chisholm, MSP, 'Spiritual Care in the NHS' Conference on 16 November 2001 Malcolm Chisholm May 23, 2013
Where do we go from here? Chris Levison May 23, 2013
What does it mean to be a virtuous patient? Virtue from the patient's perspective Alastair V. Campbell, Teresa Swift May 23, 2013
Palliative Care: A Theological Foundation, Sacrament of Anointing & Pastoral Care of the Sick George Beuken May 23, 2013
Orere Source
The Orere Source W. Noel Brown May 23, 2013
Reflective Practice
Reflections on Chaplaincy in a Hospice: 1977-2001. Tempora Mutantur, Nos et Mutamur in illis Derek Murray May 23, 2013
Healthcare Chaplaincy: Taking our work to Church Yvonne Hendrie May 28, 2013
Book Reviews
Grief, Mourning and Death Ritual. Hockey J., Katz J., and Small N. (eds.) ISBN 0-335-20501-1. Open University Press Margaret Sneddon May 28, 2013
Working with Older People and their Families ‘Key Issues in policy and practice’. Open University Press Charlie Harris May 23, 2013
Communication and the care of people with dementia. Killick J. and Allan K. ISBN 0335207758. Open University Press Lorna Murray May 23, 2013
Groups: A guide to small groupwork in healthcare management, education and research. Elwyn, G., Greenhalgh, T & MacFarlane, F., ISBN 1-85775-400 X Radcliffe Medical Press Ltd., Oxon Jean Phillips May 28, 2013
Literature in Medicine: The Doctor’s companion to the classics. Salinsky J. ISBN 1-85775-535-9 Radcliffe Medical Press Catherine M. Wilson May 28, 2013
The Doctor’s Communication Handbook, third edition. Tate P. ISBN 1-85775-550-2 Radcliffe Marie Pirret May 28, 2013
Treating people with depression: a practical guide for primary care Wilkinson G., Moore B., and Moore P. ISBN 1 85775 391 7. Radcliffe Medical Press Stanley Cook May 28, 2013
Bibliotherapy for Bereaved Children. Jones E.H. ISBN 1-84310-004-5 Jessica Kingsley Moira Sugden May 28, 2013
Finding a Way Through When Someone Has Died. Mood P. & Whittaker L. ISBN 1-85302-920-3 Jessica Kingsley Alison Lee May 28, 2013
On Death, Dying and Not Dying. Houghton P. ISBN 1-84310-020-7 Jessica Kingsley Alison Wagstaff May 28, 2013
The Intensive Care Unit: What Every Family Needs to Know Steven R Mohnssen M.D. ISBN 1 – 885003 – 95 – 1 Robert D Reed, USA Chris Levison May 28, 2013
Seeing Beyond Depression. Vanier J. ISBN 0-281-05411-8 SPCK Frances Moore May 28, 2013
A Book of Blessings Edited by Burgess R. ISBN 1-901557-48-0 Wild Goose Publications Monica Stewart May 28, 2013
Spirituality in Health Care Contexts Edited by Helen Orchard Jessica Kingsley Publishers ISBN 1 85302 969 6 Tom Gordon May 28, 2013