Vol 7 No. 3 (2013)

Journal: Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

Published: Nov 1, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Editor's Introduction Bron Taylor Aug 2, 2013
Arborphilia and Sacred Rebellion Bron Taylor Nov 1, 2013
The Origins of Aesthetic and Spiritual Values in Children's Experience of Nature Gretel Van Wieren, Stephen R. Kellert Aug 2, 2013
Tending our Patch of Creation: Engaging Christians in Environmental Stewardship through Sense of Place Jenny Marie Seifert, Bret R. Shaw Aug 2, 2013
Disaster Movies and the ‘Peak Oil’ Movement: Does Popular Culture Encourage Eco-Apocalyptic Beliefs in the United States? Matthew Schneider-Mayerson Aug 2, 2013
‘Behind the Church Door Stands the Devil’: Derek Walcott, the Caribbean Church, and the Island of Saint Lucia Ben Thomas Jefferson Aug 2, 2013
‘Greening Dharma’: Contemporary Japanese Buddhism and Ecology Ugo Dessi Aug 2, 2013
Book Reviews
Larry L. Rasmussen, Earth-Honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013), 462 pp., $45.00 (hbk), ISBN: 978-0-19-991700-6. Gretel Van Wieren Aug 2, 2013
Katharine K. Wilkinson, Between God and Green: How Evangelicals Are Cultivating a Middle Ground on Climate Change (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012), 234 pp., $23.93 (hbk), ISBN: 978-0-19-989589-2. Robin Globus Veldman Aug 2, 2013
Jeff Orlowski (dir.), Chasing Ice (Submarine Deluxe and New Video Group, 2012), DVD, $29.95. Gilson Waldkoenig Oct 14, 2013