Vol 5 No. 2 (2013)

Journal: Writing & Pedagogy

Published: Feb 4, 2014

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Section Title Author Published
Trends in Writing and Technology Martha C. Pennington Feb 4, 2014
Guest Editorial
The University and its Relationship to Teaching Writing with Technology Miriam Jaffe-Foger Feb 4, 2014
Featured Essay
Podcast Paralysis: Inventing the University in the Twenty-First Century Aimee Pozorski Feb 4, 2014
Research Matters
Writing with Laptops: A Quasi-Experimental Study Penelope Collins, Jin Kyoung Hwang, Binbin Zheng, Mark Warschauer Feb 4, 2014
Pseudonymous Writing and Improved Course Engagement Using Blogs A. Fiona Pearson, Scott P. Ellis Feb 4, 2014
Reflections on Practice
Tired of Tech: Avoiding Tool Fatigue in the Classroom Brian Croxall Feb 4, 2014
A Learner-Centered Pedagogy to Facilitate and Grade Online Discussions in Writing Courses Sarbani Sen Vengadasalam Feb 4, 2014
Adapting Editorial Peer Review of Webtexts for Classroom Use Cheryl E. Ball Feb 4, 2014
Google Translate in the EFL Classroom Taboo or Teaching Tool? Jonathan Benda Feb 4, 2014
Taming the Dragon Effective Use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software as an Avenue to Universal Access James Altman Feb 4, 2014
Appleā€™s Dictation Software: A Voice Solution for Writers Whose Hands Need a Rest Christopher John Hill Feb 4, 2014
From the e-Sphere
Teaching the New Paradigm: Social Media Inside and Outside the Classroom William Magrino, Peter Sorrell Feb 4, 2014
New Books
Multimodal Composing in Classrooms Learning and Teaching for the Digital World. Edited by Suzanne M. Miller and Mary B. McVee (2012) New York and London, Routledge. pp. 161 ISBN: 978-415-89747-1 Kate Cowan Feb 4, 2014
Remixing Composition A History of Multimodal Writing Pedagogy Palmeri, Jason (2012) Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. pp. 194 ISBN: 9780809330898 Erin R. Anderson Feb 4, 2014