Vol 16 No. 4 (2013)

Journal: Implicit Religion

Published: Feb 20, 2014

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Section Title Author Published
Foreward Edward Bailey Feb 20, 2014
Veiling: Introduction Sarah-Jane Page Feb 20, 2014
A Short History of the (Muslim) Veil Valerie Behiery Feb 20, 2014
The Veiled Muslim Woman as Subject in Contemporary Art: The Role of Location, Autobiography, and the Documentary Image Valerie Behiery Feb 20, 2014
(Re)Envisioning the Veil Samantha Feder Feb 20, 2014
“An Affair of the Heart”: Hijab Narratives of Arab Muslim Women in Malta Nathalie Grima Feb 20, 2014
More Than Just a Piece of Cloth: The German “Headscarf ” Debate Stefanie Sinclair Feb 20, 2014
Let Modesty Be Her Raiment: The Classical Context of Ancient-Christian Veiling Tahmina Tariq Feb 20, 2014
Book Reviews
Modest Fashion: Styling Bodies, Mediating Faith, edited by Reina Lewis. I.B. Tauris, 256pp. Hb. £56, ISBN-13: ISBN: 9781780763828; Pb. £15.99, ISBN-13: 9781780763835. Valerie Behiery Feb 20, 2014
A Quiet Revolution: The Veil’s Resurgence, from the Middle East to America, by Leila Ahmed. Yale University Press, 2011. 352pp. Hb. $30.00, ISBN-13: 9780300170955; Pb. $22.00, ISBN-13: 9780300181432. Catherine Goodall Feb 20, 2014
Rethinking Muslim Women and the Veil: Challenging Historical and Modern Stereotypes by Katharine Bullock. The International Institute of Islamic Thought, 2007 (2nd Edition). 275pp., Pb. £12.95, ISBN-13:9781565644328. Haleema Masud Feb 20, 2014
The Veil: Women Writers on Its History, Lore, and Politics, edited by Jennifer Heath. University of California Press, 2008. 360pp., Pb. $29.95/£19.95, ISBN-13: 9780520255180. Mary Elaine Hegland Feb 20, 2014
Veil: Mirror of Identity, by Christian Joppke. Polity Press, 2009. 176 pp., Pb £15.99. ISBN-13: 9780745643526. Nesma Sobeih Feb 20, 2014