Vol 6 No. 2 (2001) Ecotheology 6.1/6.2 July 2001

Journal: Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

Published: Aug 7, 2001

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Section Title Author Published
A Ecological Faith for the Global Era Lloyd Geering Mar 7, 2007
Wilderness as the Kingdom of God Keith Morrison Mar 7, 2007
On Being Public about Ecotheology Clive Pearson Mar 7, 2007
The Ecocentric Challenge: Climate Change and the Jewish Tradition Patricia Kopstein, Jim Salinger Mar 7, 2007
At the Intersection of Ecofeminism and Religion: Directions for Consideration Heather Eaton Mar 7, 2007
Weaving Perspectives: An Exploration of Economic Justice Based on the Work of Beverly Wildung Harrison and Marilyn Waring Eileen Kerwin Jones Mar 7, 2007
The Significance of the Incarnation for Ecological Theology: A Challenging Approach Cristina Vanin Mar 7, 2007
Land Ideologies that Inform a Contextual Maori Theology of Land Tui Cadigan Mar 7, 2007
Living on the Land: Ecotheology in Rural New Zealand Robyn McPhail Mar 7, 2007
Ecotheology in Search of a Context: Land's Edge in PThis article reflects the ways in which contexts can be rendered for ecotheological work, on the assumption that ecotheology and contex-tual theology are inextricably linked. To be takatrick White's Voss Geoffrey Lilburne Mar 7, 2007
The Sacred Edge: Seascape as Spiritual Resource for an Australian Eco-eschatology Nancy M. Victorin-Vangerud Mar 7, 2007
Seeing through God: Towards an Eco A/Theology Michael Grimshaw Mar 7, 2007