Vol 2 No. 2 (2015)

Journal: Journal of Contemporary Archaeology

Published: Jan 12, 2016

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Section Title Author Published
Are We All Archaeologists Now? Cornelius Holtorf Sep 24, 2015
Archaeology in the Era of Capitalism Selma Faria Sep 24, 2015
On the Ontology of Archaeology Lawrence E. Moore Sep 24, 2015
“Are We There Yet?” The challenge of Public Engagement with Australia’s Indigenous Past and its Implications for Reconciliation Stephen Muller Sep 24, 2015
Journeys in the City: Homeless Archaeologists or Archaeologies of Homelessness Rachael Kiddey, Andrew Daffnis, Jane Hallam, Mats Brate Jan 9, 2016
Archaeology: A Treatment Jonathan Walz Sep 24, 2015
Everything is Everything Alessandro Zambelli Sep 24, 2015
Bastard Design Practices: An Archaeological Perspective James Dyer Sep 24, 2015
Is Digging Straight Walls and Playing in Tune What It’s All About? Jacob Lawson Sep 24, 2015
Extended Forum
Are We Not all Archaeologists? A Plea for Archaeology Beyond Excavation In Tanzania Nancy Alexander Rushohora Sep 24, 2015
Traces of Past Subjects: Experiencing Indigenous Thought as an Archaeological Mode of Knowledge Mariana Petry Cabral Sep 24, 2015
Are We all Archaeologists? An Iranian Perspective Sepideh Saeedi Sep 24, 2015
Why Archaeologists Misrepresent Their Practice—A North American Perspective Richard Matthew Hutchings, Marina La Salle Sep 24, 2015
To Be an Archaeologist along the Rue Saint-Jacques: A Textual and Visual Proposition Michaël Jasmin Sep 25, 2015
Digging Up and Digging Down: Urban Undergrounds Paul Dobraszczyk, Carlos López Galviz, Bradley L. Garrett Sep 24, 2015
Photo Essays
‘To climb steep hills, requires slow pace at first: narratives of cultural resilience in the community of Langtang, in the Nepalese Himalayas Hayley Saul, Emma Waterton Jun 18, 2015
Research Article
“Because Other People Have Done It”: Coin-Trees and the Aesthetics of Imitation Ceri Houlbrook Jan 6, 2016
Behind Closed Doors: A Material-Centered Analysis of Contemporary Graffiti Writings in situ from Sydney’s Recent Urban Past Samantha Jane Edwards-Vandenheok Jan 6, 2016