Vol 1 No. 1 (2015)

Journal: Journal of Skyscape Archaeology

Published: Jul 10, 2015

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Fabio Silva, Liz Henty Mar 9, 2015
The Pillars of the Earth and the Sky: Capital Cities, Astronomy and Landscape Juan Antonio Belmonte, A. César González-García Mar 9, 2015
Chimney Rock and the Ontology of Skyscapes: How Astronomy, Trade, and Pilgrimage Transformed Chimney Rock J. McKim Malville Mar 9, 2015
The Great Stone Circle (B) at Grange, Co. Limerick: A Ceremonial Space for All Seasons? Frank Prendergast Mar 9, 2015
Theory & Method
Exploring Skyscape in Stellarium Daniel Brown Mar 9, 2015
The Pleiades and Scorpius in Barasana Cosmology Stephen Hugh-Jones Mar 9, 2015
Postscript: Thirty-three Years On Stephen Hugh-Jones Mar 9, 2015
Book Reviews-open access
Jan Harding, Cult, Religion and Pilgrimage: Archaeological Investigations at the Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument Complex of Thornborough, North Yorkshire, with contributions by Lindsay Allason-Jones, Arnold Aspinall, Alan Biggins et al. Liz Henty Mar 9, 2015
Tore Lomsdalen, Sky and Purpose in Prehistoric Malta: Sun, Moon and Stars at the Temples of Mnajdra David Barrowclough Mar 9, 2015
Forthcoming Conferences Fabio Silva, Liz Henty Mar 9, 2015
Books Fabio Silva, Liz Henty Mar 9, 2015
Conference Review
National Astronomy Meeting, Portsmouth (United Kingdom), 23rd–26th June, 2014 Pamela Armstrong Mar 9, 2015
“The Materiality of the Sky”. The 22nd Conference of the European Society of Astronomy in Culture, Valetta (Malta), 22nd–26th September, 2014 Barbara Rappenglück Mar 9, 2015
“Cosmologies in Transition: Continuity and Transformation in the Material Record”. Full day session at the 36th Annual Conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group, TAG 2014, Manchester (United Kingdom), 15th–17th December, 2014 David Connolly Mar 9, 2015