Vol 23 No. 1 (2015)

Journal: Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism

Published: Nov 23, 2015

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Section Title Author Published
An Awkward Quarrel: The Defense of Humanism in 1970s Britain D. L. LeMahieu Jul 16, 2015
Pluralistic Humanism: Democracy and the Religious Tibor Solymosi Jul 16, 2015
A Noxious Injustice as Punishment: Prisoner Sexual Violence, Toxic Masculinity, and the Ubuntu Ethic Mark Tschaepe Jul 16, 2015
Relativism and postmodern public space (Anybody can be the hundredth monkey Thomas Hauer Jul 16, 2015
A Theory of the “Rights” Concept James A. Montayne Nov 2, 2015
The Eros and Tragedy of Peace in Whitehead’s Philosophy of Culture Myron Moses Jackson Jul 16, 2015
Morality Without God Alan Mandelberg Jul 16, 2015