Vol 23 No. 2 (2015)

Journal: Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism

Published: Feb 18, 2016

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Section Title Author Published
The Age of Transhumanism Has Begun: Will It Bring Humanism to Its End? Katja Siepmann, Annabella McIntosh Jan 18, 2016
Synthetic Biology and Religion William Daley Jan 18, 2016
Pragmatism, Possibility, and Human Development Stephen Rowe Jan 18, 2016
God, Geography, and Justice Daniel Linford, William R. Patterson Jan 18, 2016
A Renaissance of Globalization: A Theory of Compassionate Humanity Tony Svetelj Jan 18, 2016
Self and Transcendence Charles W. Vail Jan 18, 2016
Defending the Humanistic Virtue of Holiday Commercialism James A. Montanye Jan 18, 2016
Editorial Clarification John Shook Feb 8, 2016