Vol 6 No. 1 (2015)

Journal: Journal for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism

Published: Sep 28, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
Fraternity and Biography Jeffrey Tyssens Sep 15, 2017
Stephen Freeman of Antigua and London: A Respectable Rosicrucian Susan Mitchell Sommers Sep 15, 2017
James Burnes (1801–1862): Scottish Freemason and Empire Builder Simon Deschamps Sep 15, 2017
Freemason and Philanthropist: The Case of Edouard Jonniaux and the Masonic Concerts in Brussels (1861–86) David Vergauwen Sep 15, 2017
Crossing Gender and Colour Lines in American Fraternalism: A Study on Joseph W. Kinsley (1843–1905) Jeffrey Tyssens Sep 15, 2017
Book Reviews
WÄGES, Josef and MARKNER, Reinhard (eds), trans. Jeva SINGH-ANAND, The Secret School of Wisdom—The Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati (Surrey: Lewis Masonic, 2015), 447pp., £25.00, ISBN 978 0 85318 493 5. Edward Batley Sep 15, 2017
THOMSON, Ian, The Magic Flute Libretto: More Literary, Religious and Historical Sources and their Interpretation (Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2014), xvi + 439 pp., including illustrative plates (some colour), £140, Hbk, ISBN: 9780773400597. Andrew Pink Sep 15, 2017
MELZER, Ralf, Between Conflict and Conformity. Freemasonry during the Weimar Republic and the ‘Third Reich’, trans. Glenys A. Waldman (Washington, DC: Westphalia Press), xxvi + 523 pp., $ 24.95, Pbk, ISBN 978-1-63391-760-6. Joachim Berger Sep 15, 2017
LAWRENCE, Snezana, ‘Capital G for Geometry: Masonic Lore and the History of Geometry’ in Snezana Lawrence and Mark McCartney (eds), Mathematicians & their Gods—Interactions between Mathematics and Religious Beliefs (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), Steven J. Smith Sep 15, 2017
HARRISON, David and LOMAX Fred, Freemasonry and Fraternal Societies (Addlestone: Lewis Masonic, 2015), 160pp., including 56 illustrations, £12.99, ISBN 9780853184966. Dan Weinbren Sep 15, 2017