Vol 4 No. 2 (2017) Forum: Beyond Art/Archaeology

Journal: Journal of Contemporary Archaeology

Published: Feb 19, 2018

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Section Title Author Published
Creative Archaeologies Forum
Beyond Art/Archaeology: Research and Practice after the ‘Creative Turn’. Antonia Thomas, Daniel Lee, Ursula Frederick, Carolyn White Feb 2, 2018
Entangled Concepts and Participatory Practices across Archaeology, Heritage and Art Leah Acheson Roberts, Colin Sterling Feb 2, 2018
On Rotating Positions in Archaeology, Art, and Architecture: Grindbakken Maarten Liefooghe Feb 2, 2018
To Talk of Turns… Three Cross-Disciplinary Provocations for Creative Turns Harriet Hawkins Feb 2, 2018
Afield Mike Pearson Feb 2, 2018
Archaeological Imprints: We Follow Lines And Trace Them Oscar Aldred, Gísli Pálsson Feb 2, 2018
The Junk Drawer Project: Field Photography and the Construction of Assemblage Genevieve Godbout Feb 2, 2018
Setomonogatari – Ceramic Practice as an Archaeology of the Contemporary Past Chris McHugh Feb 2, 2018
Reverse Archaeology: Experiments in Carving and Casting Space Rupert Griffiths, Lia Wei Feb 2, 2018
Buildings Archaeology Without Recording James Dixon Feb 2, 2018
Šabac: A Cinematographic Archaeology? Thomas Kador, Vesna Lukic Feb 2, 2018
Thinking Place – A Creative Exploration of Coastal Erosion Elizabeth Anne Bevan, Jane Downes Feb 2, 2018
Towards a Post-Anthropocentric Speculative Archaeology (through Design) Ola Ståhl, Mathilda Tham, Cornelius Holtorf Feb 2, 2018
Art/Archaeology: What Value Artistic- Archaeological Collaboration? Doug Bailey Feb 2, 2018