Vol 4 No. 2 (2017)

Journal: Journal of Islamic Archaeology

Published: Dec 20, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
Guest Editor’s Preface Timothy Insoll Dec 11, 2017
Old Buipe (Ghana, Northern Region): Some Observations on Islamization and Urban Development at the South-Western Margins of the dar al-islam Denis Genequand, Wazi R. Apoh Dec 11, 2017
The Mosques of Songo Mnara in their Urban Landscape Mark Horton, Jeffrey Fleisher, Stephanie Wynne-Jones Dec 11, 2017
First Footsteps in the Archaeology of Harar, Ethiopia Timothy Insoll Dec 11, 2017
Residue Analysis as Evidence of Activity Areas and Phased Abandonment in a Medieval Jordanian Village Bethany J. Walker, Robert Bates, Silvia Polla, Andreas Springer, Sabrina Weihe Dec 11, 2017
Book Reviews
Les mosquées ibadites du Djebel Nafūsa. Architecture, histoire et religions du nordouest de la Libye (VIIIe-XIIe siècle), by Virginie Prevost. Society for Libyan Studies, Monograph 10, 2016. 254pp, Pb £30.00. ISBN-13: 9781900971416 Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya Dec 11, 2017
The Last Civilized Place: Sijilmasa and its Saharan Destiny by Ronald A. Messier and James A. Miller. University of Texas Press, 2015. 296pp., 42 b&w photos, 14 b&w illust, 11 maps. Pb. $29.95. ISBN-13: 9781477311356 François-Xavier Fauvelle Dec 11, 2017
In God’s Path: The Arab Conquest and the Creation of an Islamic Empire, by Robert Hoyland. Oxford University Press, 2014. 320pp., 30 illustrations, including map. Hb. 29.95, ISBN-13: 9780199916368. Pb. (2017) $19.95, ISBN-13: 9780190618575 Yehoshua Frenkel Dec 11, 2017
Iranische Hieb-, Stich- und Schutzwaffen des 15.–19. Jahrhunderts (Iranian striking and thrusting weapons and armor from the 15th–19th centuries) by Filiz Çakır Phillip. De Gruyter, 2016. 382pp. Hb. $140.00, ISBN-13: 978-3110318135 Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani Dec 11, 2017
Sharma. Un entrepôt de commerce médiéval sur la côte du Hadramawt (Yémen, ca. 980–1180), edited by Axelle Rougeulle. British Foundation for the Study of Arabia Monographs 17. 2015, ArchaeoPress. 582pp.Pb. £88.00, ISBN-13: 9781784911942 Stéphane Pradines Dec 18, 2017
Landscapes of the Islamic World: Archaeology, History and Ethnography, by Stephen McPhillips and Paul D.Wordsworth. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016. 272pp., with 56 illusrations. Hb. $75.00. ISBN-13: 9780812247640 Thomas Soubira Dec 11, 2017
The History of Central Asia: The Age of Islam and the Mongols, by Christoph Baumer. IB Tauris, 2016. 392pp., 266 colour illustrations, 11 maps. Hb. £30.00, ISBN-13: 9781784534905. Paul Wordsworth Dec 11, 2017