Vol 5 No. 1 (2018) Special Issue: Time of Materials

Guest Editor: Gay Hawkins

Journal: Journal of Contemporary Archaeology

Published: Jun 4, 2018

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Section Title Author Published
The Time of Materials Gay Hawkins May 30, 2018
Research Article
Making Time with Amateur Astronomers and Orbital Space Debris: Attunement and the Matter of Temporality Joshua Ozias Reno May 30, 2018
Ice and Concrete: Solid Fluids of Environmental Change Cristián Simonetti, Tim Ingold May 30, 2018
Ice Cores as Temporal Probes Juan Francisco Salazar May 30, 2018
The Technofossil: A Memento Mori Ben Dibley May 30, 2018
Time on the Waterline: Coastal Reclamations and Seawalls in Sydney and Japan Denis Byrne May 30, 2018
Queer Times and Chemical Weapons, Suspended in the Gotland Deep Astrida Neimanis May 30, 2018
Digging for Fire: Finding Control on the Australian Continent Timothy Neale May 30, 2018
Plastic and Presentism: The Time of Disposability Gay Hawkins May 30, 2018
Durable Remains: Glass Reuse, Material Citizenship and Precarity in EU-era Bulgaria Elana Resnick May 30, 2018