Vol 39 No. 1 (2020)

Journal: Religious Studies and Theology

Published: May 6, 2020

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Section Title Author Published
Editor’s Foreword Catherine Caufield Apr 15, 2020
Retrieving a Soul Part that Fractured During Trauma Jane Simington, Joan I.J. Wagner Apr 15, 2020
The Minyan in Daniel Deronda Michael Greenstein Mar 2, 2020
“The Son of a Bird”: Post-biblical Jewish Traditions on Using Ornithomancy in the Midianite War Against the Israelites (Num. 25:17–18) Abraham Ofir Shemesh Jul 26, 2018
Present Peace, Future Freedom: Children’s Meditation Instruction in Two Diasporic Tibetan Buddhist Lineages Christopher Emory-Moore Mar 27, 2018
Ṭabāṭabā’ī’s Theory of Natural Laws in Ethics: An Analytic and Critical Review Rahim Dehghan Simakani, Maryam Khoshdel Rohani Dec 24, 2018
I think therefore I am: Linking human exploitation to religious irrationality in Kourouma’s Allah Is Not obliged Simon Kofi Appiah, Mawuloe Kodah Jan 8, 2020
Reflections from the Field
Humanities and Religious Studies: Reflections on the Future David W. Atkinson Mar 5, 2020
Reflections on attending the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba’s Award for the Advancement of Interreligious Understanding Ceremony Peter Bush Nov 16, 2018
Book Reviews
Thomas Aquinas on God and Evil, by Brian Davies Glenn B. Siniscalchi Jan 8, 2020
Rethinking Early Christian Identity: Affect, Violence, and Belonging, by Maia Kotrosits Kimberly B. Stratton Jul 18, 2019
Island of Guanyin: Mount Putuo and Its Gazetteers. by Marcus Bingenheimer Paul Crowe Sep 28, 2019
Science Without God? Rethinking the History of Scientific Naturalism, edited by Peter Harrison and Jon H. Roberts Travis Dumsday Mar 12, 2020