Journal: Religious Studies and Theology

Published: Mar 12, 2001

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Section Title Author Published
Introduction Earle H. Waugh Mar 12, 2007
Food as Gift, Necessity and Possibility Don Schweitzer Mar 12, 2007
Imagining India: The Quest for Spiritual India Ronald Neufeld Mar 12, 2007
Changing Modalities in the Globalization of Islamic Saint Veneration and Mysticism: Sidi Ibrahim al-Dasuqi, Shaykh Muhammad 'Uthman al-Burhani and their Sufi Orders Michael Frishkopf Mar 12, 2007
Book Reviews
Review of Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement by Nori J. Muster Cathy Anne Pachnowski Mar 12, 2007
Review of The Occult in Early Modern Europe: A Documentary History edited by P.G. Maxwell-Stuart Wayne Litke Mar 12, 2007
Review of Altruism and Christian Ethics by Colin Grant David Cockerham Mar 12, 2007
Review of Kierkegaard after MacIntyre: Essays on Freedom Narrative and Virtue edited by John Davenport and Anthony Rudd Abrahim H. Khan Mar 12, 2007
Review of Spinoza and the Irrelevance of Biblical Authority by J. Samuel Preus Aaron Hughes Mar 12, 2007
Review of Holy Saints and Fiery Preachers: The Anthropology of Protestantism in Mexico and Central America edited by James W. Dow and Alan R. Sandstrom Kristy Nabhan-Warren Mar 12, 2007
Review of Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial Movements edited by Richard Landes Andrew Gow Mar 12, 2007
Review of Things that Count: Essays Moral and Theological by Gilbert Meilaender Richard Bosley Mar 12, 2007
Review of Has God Only One Blessing? Judaism as a Source of Christian Self-Understanding by Mary C. Boys Tom Oosterhuis Mar 12, 2007
Review of The Cambridge Companion to Biblical Interpretation edited by John Barton James R. Linville Mar 12, 2007