Journal: Religious Studies and Theology

Published: Mar 14, 2004

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Section Title Author Published
Introduction Patricia Dold Mar 14, 2007
Hybrid Constructions: Swami Vivekananda's Presentation of Hinduism at the World's Parliament of Religions, 1893 Kay Koppedrayer Mar 14, 2007
Guyana Hinduism Paul Younger Mar 14, 2007
Being Hindu in Canada: Personal Narratives from First and Second Generation Immigrant Hindu Women Anne Mackenzie Pearson Mar 14, 2007
The Mahavidyas at Kamarupa: Dynamics of Transformation in Hinduism Patricia Dold Mar 14, 2007
Book Reviews
Review of Peter Berger and the Study of Religion edited by Linda Woodhead with Paul Heelas and David Martin Steven Engler Mar 14, 2007
Review of The Ulama in Contemporary Islam: Custodians of Change by Muhammad Qasim Zaman Tim Giannuzzi Mar 14, 2007
Review of Glimpses of Glory: John Bunyan and English Dissent by Robert Greaves Irving Hexham Mar 14, 2007
Review of Global Religious Movements in Regional Context edited by John Wolffe Dyron B. Daughrity Mar 14, 2007
Review of Holy Terrors: Thinking about Religion after September 11 by Bruce Lincoln Barry Stephenson Mar 14, 2007
Review of Religion and American Culture: A Reader edited by David G. Hackett Peter A. Huff Mar 14, 2007
Review of Religion in French Feminist Thought: Critical Perspectives edited by Morny Joy, Kathleen O'Grady and Judith L. Poxon Debra J. Jensen Mar 14, 2007
Review of Being Human: The Problem of Agency by Margaret S. Archer, Ethics after Babel by Jeffrey Stout and Religion and the Hermeneutics of Contemplation by D.Z. Phillips Richard Bosley Mar 14, 2007
Review of The Study of Hinduism edited by Arvind Sharma Ronald Neufeldt Mar 14, 2007