Vol 40 No. 1 (2021)

Journal: Religious Studies and Theology

Published: May 14, 2021

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Section Title Author Published
Religious Studies and Theology: Engaging some of the most Troubling Issues of Our Time Catherine Caufield May 13, 2021
Loss of Labrets and Rise of the Gospel: A Photo Essay about the Western Arctic Kukpugmiut, 1888–1924 Walter Vanast May 13, 2021
Soul Retrieval Following Trauma: A Cultural Comparison Jane A. Simington, Joan I. J. Wagner May 13, 2021
The Lion is Hungry, and the Chameleon does not Eat: Jewish Midrashic Traditions Concerning the Animals in Noah’s Ark Abraham Ofir Shemesh Oct 14, 2019
Theology Giving Back: A (De)constructive Reading of Jacques Derrida’s Phenomenology of the Gift Jean-Pierre Fortin Dec 31, 2020
“Spiritual Formation for Civic Life in the Neo-Calvinist Tradition” Michael DeMoor May 29, 2020
Monotheism in the Pentateuch Josef Schubert May 29, 2020
Getting Paid and Paying Attention: Basic Income, Theology, and Economics in a Time of Pandemic Jane Barter, David Driedger Dec 31, 2020
Reflections from the Field
Making Out Jean Vanier Carolyn Whitney-Brown May 13, 2021
Book Reviews
Ritual Gone Wrong: What We Learn from Ritual Disruption, by Kathryn T. McClymond. Richard DeMaris Sep 28, 2019
Understanding the Consecrated Life in Canada: Critical Essays on Contemporary Trends, edited by Jason Zuidema. Christopher Emory-Moore May 13, 2021
Understanding Affections in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards: “The High Exercises of Divine Love,” by Ryan J. Martin. Donald Schweitzer May 13, 2021