Vol 14 No. 3 (2020) Special Issue: African sociolinguistics between urbanity and rurality

Guest Editors: Susanne Mohr and Helene Steigertahl

Journal: Sociolinguistic Studies

Published: Dec 16, 2020

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Section Title Author Published
African sociolinguistics between urbanity and rurality Susanne Mohr, Helene Steigertahl Jul 22, 2020
As far as the eye can see: Urban bias in South African linguistic research Irina Turner Jul 22, 2020
Sango, a homogenous language with religiolectal and sociolectal varieties Helma Pasch Jul 22, 2020
Regional variation in Ghanaian Student Pidgin: Use and attitudes Elisabeth Hampel Jul 22, 2020
Multilingualism and the heteroglossia of ideologies in Lower Fungom (Cameroon): Use and attitudes Pierpaolo Di Carlo, Angiachi Demetris Esene Agwara, Rachel Ojong Diba Jul 22, 2020
Playing with accents: On Ugandan Englishes and indexical signs of urbanity and rurality Nico Nassenstein Jul 22, 2020
English, national and local linguae francae in the language ecologies of Uganda and Tanzania Susanne Mohr, Steffen Lorenz, Dunlop Ochieng Jul 22, 2020
Language and Subjectivity Tim McNamara (2019) Xiaofang Yao Jul 22, 2020
Language, Social Media and Ideologies: Translingual Englishes, Facebook and Authenticities Sender Dovchin (2020) Anastassia Zabrodskaja Jul 22, 2020
The Emoji Revolution: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Communication Philip Seargeant (2019) Anastassia Zabrodskaja Jul 22, 2020
Migración y contacto de lenguas en la Romania del siglo XXI / Migration et contact de langues au XXIe siècle Carolin Patzelt, Carolina Spiegel and Katrin Mutz (eds) (2018) Philipp Krämer Jul 22, 2020
Discourse and Mental Health. Voice, Inequality and Resistance in Medical Settings Juan Eduardo Bonnin (2019) Milagros Vilar Jul 22, 2020
Different Nationalisms: Bengal 1905–1947 Semanti Ghosh (2017) Joel Kuortti Jul 22, 2020