Vol 9 No. 1 (2021) Special Issue: Religious, Spiritual, Pastoral and Secular

Guest Editors: Steve Nolan and Duncan MacLaren

Journal: Health and Social Care Chaplaincy

Published: Feb 25, 2021

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Section Title Author Published
Religious, Spiritual, Pastoral … and Secular? Where Next for Chaplaincy? Steve Nolan, Duncan MacLaren Feb 11, 2021
Case Studies
Inclusivity in UK Pastoral, Spiritual, and Religious Care: A Humanist Perspective David Savage Jan 15, 2020
All Things to all People? The Integrity of Spiritual Care in a Plural Health Service Duncan MacLaren Nov 21, 2020
Rearranging the Domain: Spiritual Care in Multiple Dimensions Niels den Toom, Martin Walton, Jacques Körver, Pieter Vos, Renske Kruizinga Jan 17, 2020
Non-Denominational Spiritual Care Givers and the Development of their Spirituality Nelleke ten Napel-Roos, Brenda Mathijssen, Wim Smeets, Hetty Zock Jan 28, 2021
Reconsidering Humanist Chaplaincy for a Plural Society: The Implications for Higher Professional Education Gaby Jacobs, Annelieke Damen, Caroline Suransky, Laurens ten Kate Dec 30, 2020
Meaning and Natural Life: How Spiritual Care is Redefined in the Secular Context Christopher Turner Nov 14, 2020
Three Short Case Studies of Non‑Religious Spiritual Care: Connecting with Nature, Gentle Touch, and Non-Theistic Personal Prayer Roni Almog, Omer Shafrir, Rachel Shavit, Nirit Ulitzur Jan 17, 2020
Book Reviews
Bennett, Z., Graham, E., Pattison, S., & Walton, H. (2018). Invitation to research in practical theology. Steve Nolan Jan 13, 2021
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