Vol 34 No. 3 (2021) Special Issue: Religion, Spirituality and the New African Diaspora

Guest Edited by Victor Counted and Ibrahim Abraham

Journal: Journal for the Academic Study of Religion

Published: Jan 4, 2022

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Section Title Author Published
Introduction to the Special Issue on Religion, Spirituality and the New African Diaspora Victor Counted, Ibrahim Abraham Dec 24, 2021
Leveraging African Spirituality and Popular Culture betwixt Africa and the African Diaspora Afe Adogame, Ruth Vida Amwe Dec 24, 2021
Religion, Migration and the New African Diaspora: A Psychological Perspective Megan Anna Neff, Richard G. Cowden, Lisanda Masilela, Victor Counted Dec 24, 2021
Whiteness, Religious Diversity and Relational Belonging: Opportunities and Challenges for African Migrants in Australia Enqi Weng, Anna Halafoff, Danielle Campbell, William Abur, Gary Bouma, Greg Barton Dec 24, 2021
Religious Spaces of Care in the Postsecular City: Nigerian Pentecostals and Civic Engagement in London Richard Burgess Oct 6, 2021
The Religious Encounters of the New African Diaspora in China and Malaysia: An Exploratory Study of Migratory Subjectivity and Ideological Mobility Allen Hai Xiao, Zheyuan Deng Dec 4, 2021
Book Reviews
Bronwen Neil, Dreams and Divination from Byzantium to Baghdad, 400–1000 CE, Oxford Studies in the Abrahamic Religions. Doru Costache Dec 24, 2021
Paul O’Connor, Skateboarding and Religion. Ibrahim Abraham Dec 24, 2021
Hans-Günter Heimbrock and Jörg Persch (eds), Eco-Theology: Essays in Honor of Sigurd Bergmann. Garth Cant Dec 24, 2021
Susannah Crockford, Ripples of the Universe: Spirituality in Sedona, Arizona. Misha Hoo Dec 24, 2021