Vol 26 No. 2 (2007)

Journal: Religious Studies and Theology

Published: Jan 23, 2008

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Section Title Author Published
Introduction to Issue 26.2 Earle Waugh Jan 17, 2008
The Role of the Tohunga—Past and Present Adrian M. Leske Jan 17, 2008
Reinterpreting the Kwakiutl Hamatsa Dance As an Expression of the Apollonian and Dionysian Synthesis Alan McLuckie Jan 17, 2008
Liberating Epistemology: Wikipedia and the Social Construction of Knowledge Rubén Rosario Rodríguez Jan 17, 2008
Desert Spirituality in 17th and 18th Century French Calvinism Kirk R. MacGregor Jan 17, 2008
The Victim in Ethical Theology: Emmanuel Levinas and Jean Améry1 Paul Rigby Jan 17, 2008
Book Reviews
Anita Maria Leopold and Jebbe Sinding Jensen (eds.) Syncretism in Religion: A Reader New York: Routeledge, 2005. xiii + 402 pp. Paper. ISBN 9780415973618 and London: Equinox: ISBN 9781904768654 C. James MacKenzie Jan 17, 2008
Carol Meyers. Exodus David A. Bergen Jan 17, 2008
Braun, Willi, ed. Rhetoric and Reality in Early Christianities. Studies in Christianity and Judaism/Études sur le christianisme et le judaïsme 16. Waterloo, Ont.: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2005. x + 257 pp Hardcover. ISBN 9780889204621. Tom Robinson Jan 17, 2008
John Sandys-Wunsch. What Have They Done to the Bible? A History of Modern Biblical Interpretation. Collegeville MN: Liturgical Press 2005. xx + 378 pp. Paper. ISBN 9780814650288. Christine Mitchell Jan 17, 2008
Marilyn McCord Adams, Christ and Horrors: The Coherence of Christology Current Issues in Theology 4. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2006. 344 pp. Paper. ISBN 978052168600 Matthew Forrest Lowe Jan 17, 2008
Robert J. Topmiller. The Lotus Unleashed: The Buddhist Peace Movementin South Vietnam, 1964–1966. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 2006. xii + 214 pp. Paper. ISBN 9780813191669. Alec Soucy Jan 17, 2008
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