Vol 21 No. 1 (2008) Religion as Identity Factor in Modernity

Special Issue: This issue was edited by Martin Geoffroy and Jean-Guy Vaillancourt

Journal: Journal for the Academic Study of Religion

Published: Aug 20, 2008

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Section Title Author Published
Religion as Identity Factor in Modernity Martin Geoffroy, Jean-Guy Vaillancourt Feb 20, 2008
Catholicism as Identity Factor among the French Canadian Minority Martin Geoffroy Feb 22, 2008
Muslim Discourses in Canada and Quebec Ali G Disboni, Pierre Rossi Feb 15, 2008
Extreme Messianism: The Habad Movement and the Impasse of Charisma Vincenzo Pace Feb 1, 2008
From Five to Ten Dimensions of Religion: Charles Y. Glock’s Dimensions of Religiosity Revisited Jean-Guy Vaillancourt Feb 19, 2008
Hebrew Prophecy and the Foundations of Political Opposition Graham Maddox Mar 14, 2008
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