Vol 2 No. 1 (2008) Vol 2, no 1 (2008): Indigenous Religions and Environments: Intersections of Animism and Nature Conservation

Journal: Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

Published: Apr 12, 2008

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Bron Taylor Apr 12, 2008
Indigenous Nature Reverence and Conservation: Seven Ways of Transcending an Unnecessary Dichotomy Jeffrey Snodgrass, Kristina Tiedje Apr 12, 2008
Of Leopards and Other Lovely Frightful Things: The Environmental Ethics of Indigenous Rajasthani Shamans Jeffrey Snodgrass, Satish Kumar Sharma, Yuvraj Singh Jhala, Michael G. Lacy, Mohan Advani, N. K. Bhargava, Chakrapani Upadhyay Apr 12, 2008
Relational Epistemology, Immediacy, and Conservation: Or, What Do the Nayaka Try to Conserve? Nurit Bird-David, Danny Naveh Apr 12, 2008
Where Spirit and Bulldozer Roam: Environmenta and Anxiety in Highland Borneo Matthew Amster Apr 12, 2008
Situating the Corn Child: Articulating Animism and Conservation from a Nahua Perspective Kristina Tiedje Apr 12, 2008
The Conflicting Relationships of Sherpas to Nature: Indigenous or Western Ecology? Lionel Obadia Apr 12, 2008
Nature is Relative: Religious Affiliation, Environmental Attitudes, and Political Constraints on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Kathleen Pickering, Benjamin Jewell Apr 12, 2008