Vol 3 No. 1 (2007)

Journal: Linguistics and the Human Sciences

Published: Sep 9, 2008

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Section Title Author Published
Editor's Introduction Débora Figueiredo, Charles Bazerman, Adair Bonini Jun 24, 2008
Breast Cancer Narratives as Public Rhetoric: Genre Itself and the Maintenance of Igorance Judy Z. Segal Jun 24, 2008
The psychiatric interview: practice in/of the clinic Tânia Conceição Pereira Jun 24, 2008
Engaging with and Arranging for Publics in Blog Genres Kathryn Grafton, Elizabeth Maurer Jun 24, 2008
Professionalizing the Student Body: Uptake in a Nineteenth Century Journalism Textbook Chalet Kay Seidel Jun 24, 2008
Colonial texts in post-colonial contexts: a genre in the contact zone Shurli Makmillen Jun 24, 2008