Vol 6 No. 2 (2009)

Journal: Communication & Medicine

Published: Jan 20, 2010

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Srikant Sarangi Jan 15, 2010
Doctors’ perceptions of personal boundaries to primary care interactions: A qualitative investigation Simon Cocksedge, Carl May Jan 15, 2010
Medication information leaflets for patients:The further validation of an analytic linguistic framework Rosemary Clerehan, Di Hirsh, Rachelle Buchbinder Jan 15, 2010
Oral communication skills of international medical graduates: Assessing empathy in discourse Marisa Cordella, Simon Musgrave Jan 15, 2010
Marked bodies and selves: A literary-semiotic perspective on breast cancer and identity Nina Henriksen, Helle Ploug Hansen Jan 15, 2010
Misunderstandings in multilingual counselling settings involving school nurses and obese/overweight pupils Maria Birgitta Magnusson, Lena Hulthén, Karin I Kjellgren Jan 15, 2010
Establishing mutual understanding in interaction: An analysis of conversational repair in psychiatric consultations Myrofora Themistocleous, Rose McCabe, N. Rees, I. Hassan, P.G.T. Healey, S. Priebe Jan 16, 2010
Accounting for medical communication: Parents’ perceptions of communicative roles and responsibilities in the pediatric intensive care unit Cynthia Gordon, Ellen Barton, Kathleen L. Meert, Susan Eggly, Murray Pollack, Jerry Zimmerman, K. J.S. Anand, Joseph Carcillo, Christopher J.L. Newth, J. Michael Dean, Douglas F. Willson, Carol Nicholson Jan 16, 2010
Chinese mental illness narratives: Controlling the spirit Guy Ramsay Jan 16, 2010
Interactional positions and the production of identities: Negotiating fatherhood in family therapy talk Eero Suoninen, Jarl Wahlström Jan 16, 2010