Vol 4 No. 4.1 / 4.2 (2008)

Journal: Comparative Islamic Studies

Published: Jun 9, 2010

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Section Title Author Published
Sufism, Spirituality and Sustainability / Rethinking Islamic Mysticism through Contemporary Sociology Kubilay Akman Mar 30, 2010
Melkites, Mutakallimūn and al-Ma’mūn: Depicting the Religious Other in Medieval Arabic Dialogues David Bertaina Mar 30, 2010
You Say You Want a Reformation? Parsing the Ubiquitous Rhetoric of an “Islamic Reformation” Paul R. Powers Jun 6, 2010
Approaching Mullā Ṣadrā as Scriptural Exegete: A Survey of Scholarship on His Quranic Works Mohammed Rustom Jun 6, 2010
The Changing Faces of the Terror of Cultism in Nigerian Society: An Islamic Perspective Abdulrazaq Kilani Jun 6, 2010
An African version of the Taliban? The Islamic Courts Union in Somalia (2006) and the Taliban Afghanistan (1996) Ioannis Mantzikos Jun 6, 2010
A Mystery of Revelation: ‘Caedmon’s Hymn’ and the Quran Connell Monette Jun 6, 2010
Avicenna's Conception of Problematic Identity Mostafa Younesie Jun 6, 2010
A Twentieth Century Indian Sufi Views Hinduism: The Case of Khwaja Hasan Nizami (1879-1955) Marcia Hermansen Jun 6, 2010
Islam and War: Tradition versus Modernity Joseph S Spoerl Jun 6, 2010
Review Articles
The Question of Authority: Deracinating Race, Repositioning Religion, and Regenerating Gender in the History of African American Islam Rosemary Hicks Jun 6, 2010
Book Reviews
The Books of Michael Muhammad Knight Vernon James Schubel Jun 6, 2010
Women, Islam and Modernity. Single women, sexuality and reproductive health in contemporary Indonesia by Linda Rae Bennett. Routledge Curzon, 2007, Pb. 208 pp., $35.96, ISBN-13: 9780415448031. Gritt Klinkhammer Jun 6, 2010
Sexual Ethics & Islam: Feminist Reflections on Quran, Hadith and Jurisprudence .by Kecia Ali. 2005. Oxford. Oneworld Publications. xxviii. 217 pp. Sadek Hamid Jun 6, 2010
The Crusades, Christianity, and Islam, by Jonathan Riley-Smith. Bampton Lectures in America Series. Columbia University Press, 2008. Hb. 136 pp., $13.25/£18.25. ISBN-13: 9780231146241. J. Patrick Hornbeck II Jun 6, 2010
Islam, Democracy and the State in Algeria, Lessons for the Western Mediterranean and Beyond, Michael Bonner et al (eds) and The Political Thought of Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari: An Iranian Theoretician of the Islamic State. Mahmood T. Davari Haifaa Jawad Jun 6, 2010