Vol 2 No. 2 (2010)

Journal: Writing & Pedagogy

Published: Dec 18, 2010

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Section Title Author Published
Plagiarism in the Academy: Towards a Proactive Pedagogy Martha C. Pennington Dec 5, 2010
Featured Essay
Not (Entirely) in Their Own Words: Plagiarism, Process, and the Complicated Ethics of School Writing Cary Moskovitz Dec 3, 2010
Research Matters
Writing from Sources, Writing from Sentences Rebecca Moore Howard, Tricia Serviss, Tanya K. Rodrigue Dec 5, 2010
How Do University Students Attempt to Avoid Plagiarism? A Grammatical Analysis of Undergraduate Paraphrasing Strategies Casey Keck Dec 5, 2010
Addressing Pedagogy on Textual Borrowing: Focus on Instructional Resources Zuzana Tomaš Dec 5, 2010
Student and Teacher Perceptions of Plagiarism in Academic Writing Nahla Nola Bacha, Rima Bahous Dec 5, 2010
Reflections on Practice
Preventing Plagiarism: Working with What Works Mark Lewis Richardson, Tammy Overstreet Dec 5, 2010
Proactively Addressing Plagiarism and Other Academic Honesty Issues with Second-Language Writers Jane Conzett, Margaret Martin, Madeleine Mitchell Dec 5, 2010
From the e-Sphere
Detection Systems for Text-Based Plagiarism: Developments, Principles, Challenges, and the Aftermath Wilfried Decoo, Jozef Colpaert Dec 5, 2010
New Books
Plagiarism, the Internet and Student Learning. Wendy Sutherland-Smith (2008) New York: Routledge, 2008. pp. 224 ISBN: 978–0-415–43293–1 Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth Dec 5, 2010
Academic Writing and Plagiarism: A Linguistic Analysis. Diane Pecorari (2008) London: Continuum. pp. 213 ISBN: 978–08264–9166–4 Virginia Lo Castro Dec 5, 2010