Vol 14 No. 1 (2017)

Journal: Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice

Published: Mar 13, 2020

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Section Title Author Published
Corpus-based empirical approach to professionalism: Identifying interactional roles and dispositions in professional codes of ethics Kenneth Kong, Phoenix Lam, Winnie Cheng Sep 10, 2019
‘If it’s not written down it didn’t happen’: Contemporary social work as a writing-intensive profession Theresa Lillis, Maria Leedham, Alison Twiner Sep 10, 2019
Evidentiality and identity positioning in online disputes about language use in Hong Kong Jamie McKeown, Hans J. Ladegaard Sep 10, 2019
Mediating identities: Sign language interpreter perceptions on trust and representation Jemina Napier, Robert Skinner, Alys Young, Rosemary Oram Sep 5, 2019
Special Features
Bridging the gap between learning and evaluation: Lessons learnt from multilingual pupils Fauve De Backer Sep 10, 2019
Announcement Srikant Sarangi Mar 13, 2020