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Communication Disorders & Clinical Linguistics

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As communication disorders are the main focus of studies within the field of clinical linguistics, it seems logical to merge the two areas for a new book series from Equinox. A central aim of this innovative Series is to extend the major themes within these two fields, as well as to promote interdisciplinary research across traditional lines of inquiry. The Series will aim to address the many different categories of communication disorders explored through a variety of investigative and research traditions. Coherence among books in the Series will be achieved through their common concern with communication disorder and its impact on the everyday life. Submissions within the Series may address both theoretical dsicriptions of communication disorders and the practical implications of these theories as well as intervention studies. High quality edited collections and research monographs will be considered. The Series Editors and the publisher welcome proposals from as wide a range of sources as possible, from both younger scholars and more experienced academics engaged in project research. The Series will particularly encourage joint authorship involving language/communication researchers and professional practitioners.

Books for Communication Disorders & Clinical Linguistics