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Advances in the Cognitive Science of Religion

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This series seeks to publish empirical, experimental and theoretical studies in the cognitive science of religion. Cognition is here broadly conceived as consisting of both internal and bottom-up processes on the one hand and external, extended, materialized and top-down processes on the other. This series is committed to a conception of human beings as highly social, embodied, embrained and enculturated organisms. Therefore, studies that emphasize any or several of these aspects are welcomed.

This series incorporates the series Religion, Cognition, and Culture, formerly published by Routledge, and is associated with the Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion, the official journal of the International Association for the Cognitive and Evolutionary Sciences of Religion.

The editors invite inquiries and submissions of book proposals. Please send inquiries and manuscript proposals to:
Professor Armin W. Geertz
[email protected]

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