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This Sysfling eBook Library is an subscription offer for individuals. It comprises all published Equinox book titles (see below) in the field of systemic functional/functional linguistics. Customers paying annually also receive the full backrun (and current issues) of Linguistics and the Human Sciences. The 2021 collection includes more than 50 titles. Subscribers have access for as long as their subscription is valid. Subscriptions can start at any time.

Functionality • Quickly create lists to use with our research tools • Citation generation and management • Create a bibliography • Integrated with tools such as EndNote, BibTeX, etc. • Save notes / snippets on each book • Access (download, print) notes without having to find the book • Copy-and-paste and download individual PDF pages • Bookmarks can be accessed outside of books, i.e. you can view a list of bookmarks and jump straight into the book at that page • Save search results for future reference and refining • Advanced search capability to filter search results by subject, date, author and more User Experience and Accessibility • Our reader offers a richly interactive and easy-to-use eBook environment and is capable of gracefully adjusting itself to the user’s particular hardware (e.g. PC, Mac, mobile, tablet) and browser software (at a minimum being compatible with IE7) on PCs. For the best results we recommend a modern HTML5-compatible browser or any “multi-touch” compatible Android / Apple smartphone or tablet)
• password sign-on • Zoom in function enables text to be read clearly at any size • All titles are available in text-only versions and can be read by screen-reading software Pricing If you could buy all of the books separately that comprise the Sysfling subscription package, it would cost more than £2000 without any of the benefits of electronic access. The 2021 Sysfling annual subscription to the collection costs only £80/ $110.00. How it Works As soon as you subscribe, you will receive your login credentials. All previously published books in the collection will be available to you as well as your subscription to LHS. Other benefits of subscribing to the Sysfling package • You can order print copies of any Equinox book at 30% from our website. Codes available when you sign up for a subscription. • You can subscribe to any Equinox journal at a 25% discount • We will periodically make additional Equinox content available to subscribers free of charge. For example, an article that takes an SFL approach published in an Equinox journal


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