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Equinox eBook Library is an annual subscription offer for individual readers and comprises the full text of all current Equinox book titles in the field of Functional and Systemic Functional Linguistics, plus current issues and the full 15-year backlist of the journal Linguistics and the Human Sciences. The 2021 collection includes 55 book titles amounting to over 17,000 pages – all fully searchable volumes!

  • Quickly create lists to use with our research tools.
  • Citation generation and management.
  • Create a bibliography.
  • Integrated with tools such as EndNote, BibTeX, etc.
  • Save notes / snippets on each book.
  • Download and print notes without having to find the book.
  • Copy and paste and download individual PDF pages.
  • Bookmarks can be accessed outside of books – you can view a list of bookmarks and jump straight into the book at that page.
  • Search across the entire library at once, or within just one book at a time, and open directly at the page of the result.
  • Save search results for future reference and refining.
  • Advanced search capability to filter search results by subject, date, author and more.
User Experience and Accessibility
  • Our reader offers a richly interactive and easy-to-use eBook environment and is capable of gracefully adjusting itself to the user’s hardware (e.g. PC, Mac, mobile, tablet) and browser software (IE7 or newer) on PCs. For the best results we recommend a modern HTML5-compatible browser or any ‘multi-touch’ compatible Android / Apple smartphone or tablet).
  • Password sign-on.
  • Zoom-in function enables text to be read clearly at any size.
  • All titles are available in text-only versions and can be read by screen-reading software.
Pricing If you could buy all of the books separately that comprise the Equinox eBook Library package, it would cost over £1700 / $2000, without any of the benefits of subscription. The 2021 Equinox eBook Library annual subscription price of £90 / $125 represents a 75% discount (VAT will be added to prices where required by law). This special offer will only be valid until the end of 2021. How it Works As soon as you subscribe, you will be send your login credentials. All previously published books in the collection will be available to you as well as all issues of Linguistics and the Human Sciences. When new books in the collection (or a new issue of the journal) are published during 2021, you will be sent a notice and the book will automatically be added to your access. Because we are launching this offer mid-year, your initial annual subscription will be valid until December 31, 2021. At the end of 2021 we will send you a notice of which new books will join the collection during 2022. You will be able to choose to add the 2022 cohort to your collection and to choose whether to continue to include Linguistics and the Human Sciences in your collection. We will then send you a supplemental invoice or you can simply continue with the initial package through 2022 (and your access will expire at the end of the year). At the end of 2022, we will send a renewal notice for 2023 detailing the price for the 2023 package (with or without Linguistics and the Human Sciences) and identify the new titles for 2023. Your 2023 subscription and subsequent year subscriptions will run for 12 months on a calendar year basis. Annual renewal pricing will be based on the profile of the new books for that year. Backlist eBooks you will have already added to your collection stay with you as long as your subscription remains current, so each year you are only paying for access to the new eBook editions of the new titles for that year. Other benefits of subscribing to the Equinox eBook Library package
  • You can order print copies of any Equinox book with a 30% discount from our website (if you want to pre-order a forthcoming print book, just let us know; they are available for ordering from our website approximately 30 days in advance of publication).
  • You can subscribe to any Equinox journal at a 25% discount.
  • You can add any non ‘SFL’ Equinox eBook to your personal eBook subscription package at a discount of 25%.
  • We will periodically make additional Equinox content available to subscribers free of charge. For example, articles that take an SFL approach that may have been published in any Equinox journals.
Terms and Conditions
  • This offer is valid only for individuals, not libraries. Content cannot be posted or shared. The terms outlined above pertain only to the Equinox eBook Library Offer.
  • In exceptional circumstances we will allow an order to be placed and payment to be made up to March 2022 with a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • Subscriptions may not be cancelled except at the end of a subscription period; no refunds.
  • Please download our Subscriber Agreement.
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