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Digital L2 Writing Literacies

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The ubiquitous internet and proliferating digital tools have redefined views of literacies which are gradually shaping our L2 curriculum. Today, writing is not seen just as a vehicle for language practice, but as a vehicle that forms L2 multiliterate writers and communicators in the ever-changing digital world. Digital L2 Writing Literacies addresses L2 learners’ digital writing literacy as a condition which encompasses instructors’ and learners’ familiarization and use of digital tools and understanding of the new communicative possibilities and concerns that the introduction of digital tools brings to the L2 writing classroom. The book, therefore, introduces the reader to updated notions and explanations of L2 writing research and learning that reflect how technology, particularly digital social tools, has shifted writing practices, developed new genres, and allowed for new types of writers and instructors. The book also explores how current digital social tools have become relevant to the L2 writing process, how these tools challenge the notion of text as we have traditionally known it, and how we approach these texts.

Published: Jan 1, 2020