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Book: Grammatical Metaphor in Chinese

Chapter: A framework for the functional analysis of Chinese

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.25803


Chapter 3 develops a framework for the functional analysis of Chinese in order to discuss how semantic meanings are realized by lexicogrammatical
categories in Chinese. The framework is set up in the theoretical background provided by SFG and previous studies of Chinese. Given that the grammatical terms originally created for English analysis are used in the framework, all the descriptive categories involved are identified by examining their functions in the semantic system of Chinese. The framework consists of the systematic descriptions of Chinese clauses in experiential, interpersonal, and textual dimensions. The descriptions in these dimensions end up with realization statements for the Transitivity, Theme, Mood systems in Chinese. The framework also includes the descriptions of grammatical categories above and below clause in Chinese. The grammatical structures of clause complex and various types of group/phrase are examined for this purpose.
3.1 Objective and approach

3.2 Analysing Chinese clause from experiential perspective

3.3 Analysing Chinese clause from textual perspective

3.4 Analysing Chinese clause from interpersonal perspective

3.5 Analysing grammatical units above and below the clause in Chinese

3.6 Summary

Chapter Contributors

  • Yang Yanning ( - yangyanning) 'East China Normal University'