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Book: Grammatical Metaphor in Chinese

Chapter: Categorization of grammatical metaphor in Chinese

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.25805


Chapter 5 is dedicated to the categorization of ideational and interpersonal GM in Chinese. The metaphorical expressions within the ideational metafunction are categorized according to the 13 types of shift from one semantic element to another. Each category of ideational GM is further specified by describing the grammatical movements involved. Interpersonal GM in Chinese is classified respectively in terms of metaphor of mood and metaphor of modality. Metaphor of mood is divided by identifying the metaphorical realizations of various speech functions of command, statement and question. Metaphor of modality is differentiated by examining the metaphorical realizations of four types of modality, namely probability, usuality, obligation and inclination in Chinese.

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Framework for categorization of GM in Chinese

5.3 Categorization of ideational GM

5.4 Categorization of interpersonal GM

5.5 Summary

Chapter Contributors

  • Yang Yanning ( - yangyanning) 'East China Normal University'