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Book: Translocal Lives and Religion

Chapter: 1. From Comparative to Connected Religion: (Non-)Traveling Literati and Literatures Between Asia and Europe (19-20th Centuries)

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.31739


Introducing the notion of “connected history” and situating it among other related approaches (“comparative history”, “entangled history”, “cultural transfers”, etc.), the chapter examines the potentialities as well as the challenges it presents for the comparative study of religions. It argues that following the transnational itineraries of single individuals who interacted with “religion” can play a role similar to comparison in the study of religion, so as to both criticize classical taxonomies and construct alternative ways to think about concepts and practices of religion, with an emphasis on mediatic, political and social dimensions.

Chapter Contributors

  • Philippe Bornet ( - pbornet) 'University of Lausanne '