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Book: Translocal Lives and Religion

Chapter: 8. Travelling Through Interstitial Spaces: The Radical Spiritual Journeys of Pandita Mary Ramabai Saraswathi

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.32274


Pandita Ramabai’s (1858-1922) life did not allow her to be rooted within any socio/religious space that existed in her world and denied her the certainties that come with a sense of belonging. Existing at the cusp of histories, cultures and religions, not at ease with either the institutionalised religion she was born into or the one into which she converted, her liminal location enabled a subversive critical perspective and led her to attempts at creating an egalitarian and humane world for those she considered the most oppressed in her society.

Chapter Contributors

  • Parinitha Shetty ( - pshetty) 'University of Mangalore'