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The Archaeology of Movement in a Mediterranean Landscape

Issue: Vol 20 No. 1 (2007) June 2007

Journal: Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology

Subject Areas: Ancient History Archaeology

DOI: 10.1558//jmea.2007.v20i1.61


This study forms an introduction to the archaeology of movement and interaction—a social approach to Mediterranean landscapes that prioritises the landscape beyond sites. The archaeology of movement and interaction applies systematic survey methods to the material culture of roads and paths. While this research fits within the context of off-site and siteless survey, its focus lies in understanding the social relationships and daily activity of people in the past. In this study, I outline the theoretical background and methodological approach used to survey roads and paths in an attempt to encourage Mediterranean regional survey projects to assess, consider and/or adopt these techniques. The underlying premise is that the material culture of roads and paths embodies the experiences and social relationships in which they were constructed, used and maintained. I draw upon a case study from the high mountains of Cyprus to illustrate the archaeology of movement and interaction and to stimulate further discussion of this topic of research

Author: Erin Gibson

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