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Books for Archaeology

A Bibliography and Literature Review of Quaternary Entomology
A History of Pottery and Potters in Ancient Jerusalem
Archaeology from the Ploughsoil
Assembling the Village in Medieval Bambuk
Barrows in the Peak District
Biography and Presence in Late New Kingdom Egypt
Burial Practices in Ancient Israel and the Neighboring Cultures (c. 1500-330 BCE)
Castles and Landscapes
Citadel and Cemetery in Early Bronze Age Anatolia
Comparative Perspectives on Colonisation, Maritime Interaction and Cultural Integration
Crop Husbandry Regimes
Debating Orientalization
Development and Decline in the Mediterranean Bronze Age
Distant Views of the Holy Land
Early Edom and Moab
Enclosing the Past
Excavations at 33-35 Eastgate, Beverley, 1983-86
Excavations at Lurk Lane, Beverley, 1979-82
First Civilizations
Geoarchaeology and the Environment
Henges, Stone Circles
High Culture and Experience in Ancient Egypt
Historical Archaeologies of Cognition
Ilchester Volume 2
Local Power in Old Babylonian Mesopotamia
London, 1100-1600
Medieval Towns
Monumentality, Place-making and Social Interaction on Late Bronze Age Cyprus
Mortuary Ritual and Society in Bronze Age Cyprus
Myth and Politics in Ancient Near Eastern Historiography
Origin and Evolution of Languages
Recent Developments in the Archaeology of the Peak District
Recovering Women’s Rituals in the Ancient Near East
Roman Britain
Rural Landscapes of the Punic World
Searching for Structure in Pottery Analysis
Society and Settlement in Iron Age Europe
The Archaeology of Circulation, Exchange and Human Migration
The Archaeology of Medieval Spain, 1100-1500
The Archaeology of Prague and the Medieval Czech Lands, 1100-1600
The Archaeology of the Irish Sea Region, 1100 - 1500
The Black Sea in Prehistory
The Disappearance of Writing Systems
The Future of Surface Artefact Survey in Europe
The German Ocean
The History of South Yorkshire Glass
The Iron Age in Britain and Ireland
The Neolithisation of Denmark
The Power of Technology in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean
The Southern Ghors and Northeast 'Arabah' Archaeological Survey
Understanding Cypriote Cult
Use Wear Analysis and Obsidian