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The role of communication technologies between choreographer and composer during Aotearoa/New Zealand’s COVID-19 response

Issue: Vol 21 No. 2 (2021) Special Issue: COVID-19, Music and the Asia-Pacific (Part 2)

Journal: Perfect Beat

Subject Areas: Popular Music

DOI: 10.1558/prbt.19343


This article demonstrates how rapidly creatives can amend their creative processes to account for imposed limitations, particularly in the context of COVID-19. It documents a gradual shift in the way that in-person collaboration is valued. The use of communication technologies between composer and choreographer are compared through examples of the authors’ own work both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. This allows for observations to be made as to how interpersonal, domestic and international creative processes may develop in the future global ‘new normal’. Aotearoa/New Zealand’s current quasi-post-pandemic status allows for predictions to be made about what this collaborative relationship may look like for the rest of the world post-COVID.

Author: Jesse Austin-Stewart, Jason Wright

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