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Language, Society and Consciousness

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The chapters of this volume explore the intimate relations of society, language and mind: the development of each of these depends on the contribution of the other two. In this sense they are co-genetic: mind has recently been described by the famous neuro-scientist, Susan Greenfield, as 'personalized brain.' The development of human mind depends on what it experiences; for human beings, experience goes beyond sensation: it is made of meaning, and interpretation/meaning, in turn, is construed by the various semiotic modalities, of which language is perhaps the most flexible and most pervasive. But language has itself evolved in the course of attempts to reach an 'other.' By shaping the nature of communication, human relations shape also the nature of language; meanings exchanged in verbal interaction become a major force in shaping forms of consciousness; and our consciousness reveals itself in our cultural practices, our ways of being, doing and saying.

Published: Aug 1, 2005


Section Chapter Authors
Contents Ruqaiya Hasan
Acknowledgements Ruqaiya Hasan
Editor's Preface Jonathan J. Webster
Introduction Ruqaiya Hasan
Section 1
Editor’s Introduction: The sociosemiotic mediation of mind Ruqaiya Hasan
1 Basil Bernstein: an exceptional 1924–2000 Ruqaiya Hasan
2 Society, Language and Mind: the metadialogism of Basil Bernstein’s theory Ruqaiya Hasan
3 Speech Genre, Semiotic Mediation and the Development of Higher Mental Functions Ruqaiya Hasan
4 On the Social Conditions for Semiotic Mediation: the genesis of mind in society Ruqaiya Hasan
5 Semiotic Mediation and Three Exotropic Theories: Vygotsky, Halliday and Bernstein Ruqaiya Hasan
Section 2
Editor’s Introduction: Coding orientations and forms of consciousness Ruqaiya Hasan
6 Code, Register and Social Dialect Ruqaiya Hasan
7 Semiotic Mediation and Mental Development in Pluralistic Societies: some implications for tomorrow’s schooling Ruqaiya Hasan
8 Ways of Meaning, Ways of Learning: code as an explanatory concept Ruqaiya Hasan
9 Reading Picture Reading: a study in ideology and inference Ruqaiya Hasan
10 The Ontogenesis of Ideology: an interpretation of mother child talk Ruqaiya Hasan
Section 3
Editor’s Introduction: Language and society: conflict or co-genesis? Ruqaiya Hasan
11 The Disempowerment Game: Bourdieu on language Ruqaiya Hasan
12 Bourdieu on Linguistics and Language: a response to my commentators Ruqaiya Hasan
End Matter
References Ruqaiya Hasan
Index Ruqaiya Hasan

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'Ruqaiya Hasan's Language, Society and Consciousness is a powerful demonstration of the need for a unified framework, bringing together linguistics, sociology, and biology for understanding the social semiotic nature of minded beings. This volume provides subtle and revealing readings of a galaxy of other leading thinkers at the same time that she poses questions and provide answers that will impact on our future thinking about linguistic and social development and change for years to come. This book is a must for all those who are interested in these arguments.'
Paul J. Thibault, professor in linguistics and media communication, Høgskolen I Agder, Kristiansand, Norway