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The Neolithisation of Denmark

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This book documents the rise of prehistory from its first faltering steps to a sophisticated discipline, bringing together key papers in the debate since 1851.
Prehistory was born in Denmark, and over the last century and a half an outstanding succession of archaeologists has developed revolutionary approaches to the past, pioneering artefactural, economic, environmental and ecological interpretations. Central to this development was a debate centred around the relationship between the Ertebølle hunters and gatherers who left its distinctive megalithic tombs. Were the differences cultural, economic, seasonal or chronological? This is a debate that has continued unabated.

Published: Jan 1, 2002

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Section Chapter Authors
List of Figures Anders Fischer
Preface Anders Fischer
Chapter 1
Editorial Introduction to the Papers Anders Fischer
Chapter 2
The Birth of Ecological Archaeology in Denmark: history and research environments 1850-2000 Kristian Kristiansen
Chapter 3
The Discovery of Kitchen Middens from the Stone J.J.S. Steenstrup, J.G. Forchhammer, J.J.A. Worsaae
Chapter 4
Concerning a New Division of the Stone and Bronze Ages, and a strange find at Engestofte on Lolland from the Early Stone Age J.J.A. Worsaae
Chapter 5
On Professor Worsaae's Division of the Stone Age J. Japetus, J.J.S. Steenstrup
Chapter 6
Kitchen Middens from the Danish Stone Age excavated for the National Museum S. Muller, C. Neergaard, C.G.J. Petersen, E. Rostrup, H. Winge
Chapter 7
Means of Calculating the Time of Accumulation of Kitchen Middens. Food Sources in Denmark during the Early Stone Age: a biological study C.G. Johannes Peterson
Chapter 8
Early Neolithic Pottery from Bogs - a Study of the Funnel Beaker Culture in Denmark Carl Becker
Chapter 9
The Influence of Prehistoric Man of Vegetation Johannes Iversen
Chapter 10
Ertebølle Culture - Farmer Culture: results of the past ten years' excavations in the Åmose, West Zealand J. Troels-Smith
Chapter 11
The Early Neolithic Settlement at Store Valby, West Zealand Carl Becker
Chapter 12
Ivy, Mistletoe and Elm. Climate Indicators - Fodder Plants: a contribution to the interpretation of the pollen zone border VII - VIII J. Troels-Smith
Chapter 13
Stone Age Man's Transformation and Exploitation of the Primeval Forest Johannes Iversen
Chapter 14
The Relationship between the South Scandinavian Funnel Beaker Culture and the Ertebølle Culture Jørgen Skaarup
Chapter 15
The Transition from the Early to the Late Stone Age in Southern Scandinavia, seen from a Mesolithic Point of View Søren Andersen
Chapter 16
The Introduction of Cereals and Cattle into Southern Scandinavia: a population-pressure model Anders Fischer
Chapter 17
High Atlantic Food Gathering in Northwestern Zealand: ecological conditions and spatial representation Carsten Paludan-Müller
Chapter 18
The Laziness of the Short-Distance Hunter: the origins of agriculture in western Denmark Peter Rowley-Conwy
Chapter 19
Population Plasticity in Stone Age Denmark Pia Bennike, Verner Alexandersen
Chapter 20
The Ertebølle Culture and Neolithic continental Europe: traces of contact and interaction Lutz Klassen
Chapter 21
Coastal Farmers - the neolithisation of northernmost Germany Sönke Hartz, Dirk Heinrich, Harold Lübke
Chapter 22
Food for Feasting? An evaluation of explanations of the neolithisation of Denmark and southern Sweden Anders Fischer