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Book: The Neolithisation of Denmark

Chapter: The Birth of Ecological Archaeology in Denmark: history and research environments 1850-2000

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.22568


The formation of the archaeological, geological and biological sciences during the 19th century was part of the birth of modern times and a new perception of history and science (Toulmin and Goodfield 1966; Grayson 1983). The historical sequence covered by the selected articles in this book begins with this formative period, which was followed by the formation and separation of knowledge into specialist disciplines and the rise of scientific language. It is also characterised by periods of intensive, systematic interdisciplinary research that moved the frontier of knowledge forwards, followed by longer periods of filling in and consolidation, or even standing still.

Chapter Contributors

  • Kristian Kristiansen ( - book-auth-123) 'University of Gothenburg'