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Understanding Allomorphy

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This volume is a collection of original contributions to the study of lexical allomorphy, with a focus on Optimality Theory’s distinctive take on this topic. The chapters provide an up-to-date perspective on the advances in our understanding of allomorphy which Optimality Theory has been able to secure (in comparison with rule-based Generative Phonology). They also consider a number of important allomorphy questions which Optimality Theory has helped raise and address (e.g. the nature of inputs, the role of paradigms, the interaction of phonology with other modules of grammar, lexical storage vs computation, degrees of phonological (ir)regularity, subcategorization vs markedness).

The contributors form an international array of linguists from North America and Europe. A broad variety of languages serve as the empirical base for the volume, either in detailed case studies (e.g. Burushaski, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Moroccan Arabic, Sahaptin) or in encompassing typological surveys.

The volume is aimed at professional linguists with an interest in phonology, morphology, and the lexicon. With its broad coverage of allomorphy issues, the book’s content will also lend itself to courses in phonology and morphology for advanced undergraduates and graduate students.

Published: Jul 1, 2015


Section Chapter Authors
Introduction by the Editors Eulàlia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret, Joan Mascaró
Chapter 1
The Prenominal Allomorphy Syndrome Eulàlia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret, Joan Mascaró
Chapter 2
Allomorphy in OT: The Italian Mobile Diphthongs Geert Booij, Bart van der Veer
Chapter 3
L'Allomorphie Radicale dans les Lexèmes Adjectivaux en Français: Le Cas des Adverbes en -ment Gilles Boyé, Marc Plénat
Chapter 4
The Nature of Allomorphy: Evidence from Burushaski Plurals Patrik Bye
Chapter 5
Obviative Prefix Allomorphy in Sahaptin and Nez Perce Sharon Hargus, Noel Rude, Virginia Beavert
Chapter 6
Phonologically Conditioned Suppletive Allomorphy: Cross-linguistic Results and Theoretical Consequences Mary Paster
Chapter 7
Accentual Allomorphs in East Slavic: An Argument for Inflection Dependence Donca Steriade, Igor Yanovich
Chapter 8
Syllable-counting Allomorphy by Prosodic Templates Jochen Trommer
Chapter 9
Lexical Insertion Occurs in the Phonological Component Matthew Wolf
End Matter
Index Eulàlia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret, Joan Mascaró

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