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Archaeology from the Ploughsoil

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First published in 1985, this collection of essays has proved popular for those teaching archaeological field methods. It deals with methodological problems in a general way, but also illustrated by some case studies from both Britain and the continent, from regional strategies to the intensive study of a specific site.

Published: Nov 1, 2007

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Section Chapter Authors
Lists of Figures Colin Haselgrove, Martin Millett, Ian Smith
List of Tables Colin Haselgrove
List of Contributors Colin Haselgrove
Introduction and Acknowledgements Colin Haselgrove, Martin Millett, Ian Smith
Part 1: Methodological Problems
1. Inference from Ploughsoil Artefact Samples Colin Haselgrove
2. Field Survey Calibration: a Contribution Martin Millett
3. Sample Bias, Regional Analysis and Fieldwalking in British Archaeology Nigel Mills
Part 2: Case Studies
4. Identifying Neolithic Settlements in Britain: the Role of Field Survey in the Interpretation of Lithic Scatters Robin Holgate
5. Approaching the Fens the Flexible Way David Crowther, Charles French, Francis Pryor
6. "One cannot dig at Random in a Peat Bog". The Eastern Vale of Pickering and the Archaeology of a Buried Landscape Edward Cloutman, Tim Schadla-Hall
7. Survey of a Settlement: a Strategy for the Etruscan site at Doganella in the Albegna Valley Lucy Walker
8. Settlement, Economy or Behaviour? Micro-regional Land Use Models and the Interpretation of Surface Artefact Patterns Christopher Gaffney, Vince Gaffney, Martin Tingle
End Matter
English, French and German Summaries Colin Haselgrove, Martin Millett, Ian Smith
Index Colin Haselgrove, Martin Millett, Ian Smith

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